Providing integrative relational therapy
for trauma and related disorders.


Welcome to my website. Finding the right therapist for yourself or a loved one can be challenging. The relationship between therapist and client is known to be one of the most important factors in successful therapy. My goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment in which to explore your specific personal needs. I see therapy as a collaboration; together we can set the stage for self-discovery, personal growth, increased aliveness, and an increased capacity to reach your goals.

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your life; or have suffered from trauma either as a child or adult; you may be experiencing anxiety, depression, dependence on drugs or alcohol, problem relationships, or other ways of dealing with life that have now become problems in and of themselves. I invite you to explore my website to find out more about the type of psychotherapy that I provide and my specialties, education, and training. Often, we don’t know how much better things can be because we have not experienced the aliveness, joy, or connection that can be possible. I invite you to explore the possibilities. I provide a free phone consultation so I encourage you to call me with any questions you may have.

Dr. Joanne Barron

Helpful Material

Intergenerational Trauma Workbook: Strategies to Support Your Journey of Discovery, Growth, and Healing

Start on the path to healing from trauma that has been passed down through your family. The Intergenerational Trauma Workbook helps you understand the ways in which trauma can move from generation to generation while also providing practical, straightforward exercises to help you grow and heal.

Drawing on their combined decades of experience treating trauma, Dr. Lynne Friedman-Gell and Dr. Joanne Barron have created an accessible and compassionate workbook that teaches you how to recognize and identify the effects that intergenerational trauma is having on your life. You’ll discover a variety of easy-to-use, evidence-based strategies that will not only help you heal but also help break the cycle of your family’s trauma.

The Intergenerational Trauma Workbook features:Intergenerational focus― Get advice specifically tailored to deal with the unique challenges and consequences of family trauma passed down through generations.
Proven techniques ― Manage difficult thoughts and emotions, and heal your body and relationships, with techniques developed across years of clinical experience and practice.
Supportive anecdotes―Realize you aren’t alone, and draw strength from the stories of other people’s healing journey from intergenerational trauma.

Begin the process of healing today with the Intergenerational Trauma Workbook.