About Me

I am a licensed clinical psychologist based in Sherman Oaks, California. Along with my private practice, I am co-owner and co-founder of Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center. My area of focus for many years has been in the areas of trauma and addictive disorders. I have come to believe that trauma and attachment wounding are at the root of most psychological suffering.

After I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I completed a 2-year post-graduate program and became certified as a NARM Practitioner (NeuroAffective Relational Model) and have since become a NARM Master Clinician. I am Certified in EMDR, an evidence-based protocol for treating trauma and PTSD and have studied attachment-based EMDR as well. I am also trained in TRM, a somatic model for working with trauma as well as regulation theory and “Right Brain Psychotherapy”.

For many years I have been a member of Dr. Allan Schore’s study group which has helped to inform my work with a neuro-biological understanding. My background includes a previous certification in Addiction Counseling as well as Certification and Training in Family Interventions. My areas of specialization include trauma, addictions, mood and anxiety disorders, relationship difficulties, and parenting support. I use an integrative approach that combines top-down and bottom-up therapies to treat the whole person, mind, body, emotions, and identity.

Everyone has their own personal goals for therapy, and I am here to assist you in reaching yours. I am passionate about helping others to achieve more of what they want in life by overcoming behaviors, beliefs, and patterns that have been in the way. I strongly believe that psychotherapy can be life-changing and for some can lead to a greater capacity for joy, connection, and aliveness. I invite you to experience what it can do for you.